Still blowing the pink fog away…

So I shipped all my Mary Kay stuff back last week and I was really dreading hearing from my director.  I haven’t heard a peep.  However, my niece who recruited me called last night.  I don’t want to talk to her.  I’m not avoiding her because I’m ashamed I got out of MK or anything, I don’t know what to tell her.  Steve says I should try to sell her my samples – over $100 worth, that corporate won’t buy back, but my conscience would kill me to try to unload this stuff on her.  Quite frankly, I don’t mind using it, even it it takes forever.   I have some other stuff that corporate wouldn’t buy back too, but I’ll probably just garage sale them next summer.  I know she’s not going to listen to me when I try to tell her what I’ve heard and how I feel.  She’ll probably think I’m lying to her or something.  She doesn’t have the money to waste on buying my stuff.  I can’t really see her making any money working for MK in the long run, not the way she wants too.  She still believes the crap MK spews out, “God first, family second, and MK third”.  Makes me want to vomit when I hear it now, that’s so OBVIOUSLY not what it’s about and not the way its run.  I saw in our newletter from our unit (I got one in the mail this week) that she made almost 700 last month.  For the whole freaking month.  And only 50% of that was hers.  And how much did she have to pay for daycare, or suuplies, or other marketing materials?  I found a link somewhere about what what these women “really” make.  It was appalling to think they sit at conference and tell us how they’re making money hand over fist.  Lying through their teeth about their “6 figure salaries”.  Oh maybe they weren’t lying, if they counted the decimal.  I can’t believe some of the stupid stuff my director suggested to make my business “successful” – i.e., make HER money so SHE could drive a new car.  She said we needed to get out of our “comfort zones”.  Well, honey, I’ve been in my comfort zone for a long, long time, and I have no intention of leaving it for YOU!



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4 responses to “Still blowing the pink fog away…

  1. Have you talked to your niece yet?

  2. Stacee

    Do you realize that you are an extreamly ugly hearted person?? You really should do some soul searching! You need help you need to try putting God first. Your niece is in good hands and as long as she stays away form your unkind heart she will be way better off.

  3. I think not. But you’re entitled to your opinion. Eventually you’ll learn too. God is NOT in MK.

  4. CBG – No, I haven’t talked to her. She has to find out for herself. I won’t sell my samples and stuff to her though, like Steve wants me too, I just can’t in good conscience let her spend money she doesn’t have on this crap. I threw a good lot of it away last weekend when I cleaned out my closet of MK junk. I did love the check I got back for my returned stuff. That was really nice.

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