More good news…

I got the job I applied for.  It will probably just about wear me out to have to actually work “normal” hours for awhile while I drive to back and forth to the hospital for training (about 30 miles or so), and actually work 8 hours instead of 4, but hey, the money will be worth it right?  Actually, I’ve worked at this hospital before and I know just about everyone in the transcription department, and even though we all work at home and will rarely see each other, it’ll be good to be back among familiar faces. 



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2 responses to “More good news…

  1. Hey, thanks for your comment in THE FOOT BLOG. I’ve left you a little response in the blog. Good to see you got out of the ‘pink fog’ *snicker*.


  2. Oh, almost forgot, congrats on getting your applied position!

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