The Grouse are Safe

Steve returned from grouse hunting yesterday afternoon sans birds.  Can’t say my heart was broken either.  I don’t really think I’ve eaten grouse, don’t think I would either.  I do remember one time he went pheasant hunting and persuaded me to eat some and I ended up about breaking a tooth on some leftover buckshot or whatever it is in shotgun pellets.  Hm, seems to me I remember reading something in the cookbook about removing that before eating…

Brad and Missy were over yesterday.  They spent most of the day with me, which was nice.  Then they stayed for dinner.  I just threw some stew meat, cream of mushroom soup, and a package of dry onion soup in the crockpot and had it over noodles.  Oh yes, I’m a regular Martha Stewart — Not!  Steve much prefers Brad over Garry – at least Brad has a personality.  Hellooooo.  Plus he likes Steve’s homebrew, which automatically wins him a spot in Steve’s top 10 favorite people.   Miss brought her dogs over too, since she won’t leave them alone at Garry’s, so for most of the day I had 6 dogs running loose in the house – my 4 dachshunds, Medusa (a black lab/pitbull mix) and Shorty (part chihuaua/maybe min pin/God only knows what).  They all got along surprisingly well.  I’ll be the first one to admit my dogs are not well socialized.  They bark their damn heads off at people and usually don’t tolerate other dogs well, but since Dan was just over with Myles last week I think it helped. 

Anyway, we actually had fun last night.  I baked a cake and decorated it while Miss baked 2 batches of Magic Bars, so there was plenty of dessert too.  Good fun with family, I need more of those times. 

I went to lunch with Lorraine today.  We went to Panera – I love that place.  We talked, and talked, and talked, and talked… Finally her cell phone rang – it was her husband looking for her… It was 5:45!!! We met for lunch at 1 o’clock!  I could talk to Lorraine forever, she always has so much insight into things and can give me such great advice. I mention a problem that I’m having and she’s always gives me some sort of sensible advice that leaves me feeling like,”Why didn’t I think of that?”  She is so down to earth and just an all around wonderful person.  I just LOVE her to pieces.  She let Meg live with her while Meg was in high school and we were going through some pretty rocky times at home, she’s been a lifesaver more than once. 

I never did getmy movies watched this weekend.  We went to a craf fair in Council Bluffs on Saturday and by the time we got home I was so sore and achy all I wanted to do was crash for awhile.  I just read for a little bit and then had to go to work.  Brad and Miss came over early (yes, noon IS early for me) and they were here until Steve got home, plus I had to take Ruger to the vet yesterday.  The time really flew by.  I was glad to have Steve home again though.  Ever since I quit taking Paxil I’m more anxious than I used to be.  I’m usually fine, but leave me along for 3 days and I get a little antsy.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when he goes deer huting for a week. 

Speaking of Paxil though, I’m so seriously glad to be off that stuff.  I’ve read some real horror stories about it and how hard it is to quit taking it.  I took it for nearly 12 years, so when Dr. A told me he was taking me off I was a little apprehensive about it.  All for naught, the transition between Paxil and Lexapro went well.  I have to admit though, the Paxil was much better at easing anxiety.  I haven’t quite found anything else that works as well for that.  Xanax knocks me on my butt, I’ll sleep the day away.  Granted, I’m not anxious when I’m sleeping, but I’d prefer to be awake and not anxious thank you.

Well, I’ve rambled enough.  I can’t log in to the VPN for work and I need the PIN # to get Dictaphone to reset my password.  Called tech support at work almost an hour ago and no one has called me back yet.  I think I’ll just bag the whole work idea and go to bed early for a change.  I’ll make it up during the week.  24-hour tech support….. Riiiiiiiight. 


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  1. 6 dogs… heheheh

    PS – you need to edit your “about” page! 😀

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