Freeeeeeeee bird….

I’m free for the weekend and Steve is off hunting birds, lol! I have 2 days left to watch the 3 movies I’ve had from Netflix for 2 weeks, and I already finished a book I’d been reading for 3 weeks.  It’s so quiet in the house too.  Although I will have to say a small prayer before bed for the poor grouse whose lives may end at the hands of my “mighty hunter”.   He and my BIL left this morning for a weekend of grouse hunting and unlimited beer drinking and I really welcome the opportunity to not feel bad about not doing a darn thing! 

I did put on makeup today though!  I’m surprised I remember how to do it, it’s been so long.  I had a job interview to go to, so I felt it was probably necessary.  Maybe not, they all know me anyway.  It’s funny, when you work as a transcriptionist at home, you never have to interview.  Just send off your resume and they hire you based solely on that.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get a telephone interview, but not always.  I applied at a local hospital, though I’ll still be working from home, so I actually had to have a LIVE interview.  It went well, keep your fingers crossed for me.  This job pays hourly, so even when there’s no work I would get paid.  Yahoo.  I hate it when I log in now at 10 p.m. and there’s no work, but I have to sit here until 2 a.m. in case someone dictates something.  Being paid by the number of lines I type means no work, no pay.  Great for the company, I’m sure, but not great for me.  The hospital work is full time too – let’s hope the neck holds out. 


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