Ohhhh noooooo….. October!

Wow, this year has buzzed by incredibly fast, or not, depending on how I look at it.  It feels waaaay too early for chilly weather we had last week, but I guess Mother Nature thought so too, as it was 90 yesterday and supposed to hit 90 again today.  I wish we were doing the floors this week – we wouldn’t freeze out butts off keeping the windows open all night!  It doesn’t seem like only 10 months since Matt moved out, yet is seems like a long time ago that Meg graduated.  Time is a funny thing, n’est pas?

Conference was good this weekend.  I recorded the Sunday sessions and rewatchd them last night.  President Hinckley is looking so frail, but I guess that happens when you’re 96.  I wish he could be around forever though, I love him.  I felt the same way about Spencer W. Kimball.  I don’t have those feelings for all the presidents of the church, some are just more special than others. 

I woke up having the most bizarre dreams this morning, they were all mixed up with Steve filling my car with balloons (thanks to AFV last night and their request for practical jokes), Missy dating Lynn (a guy she knew about 30 years ago), dachshunds, Holiday Inn, passwords, working as a waitress, aching backs, and so on.  It was just plain odd.  I woke up once and fell back to sleep and kept right on with the same stupid dream, only dumber.  It was stupid, but when I woke up I just felt very odd and on the verge of an anxiety attack.  Not the way to wake up on a Monday morning.   I got up for a bit and then went back to bed and slept better.  Woke up feeling much better too. 

Meg was over for a bit yesterday- until I tried to talk to her.  She had asked me to give Mel a call last week and I was trying to tell her why I didn’t.  Apparently she has her mind made up that this whole situation is my fault and she doesn’t want to be bothered with how I actually feel about it, so she took off in a huff.  Just as well.  She reminds me a lot of Mel, as soon as you tell her something she doesn’t want to hear she gets pissed off and leaves.  Whatever.  I’m entitled to my feelings too, so I probably won’t see her until she needs something again.  I don’t care if Meg sees Mel or whatever, but I really don’t think since Meg doesn’t know jack about how I feel, that she can tell me what I should be doing.    I sometimes have trouble believing that I actually agreed to live though all this crap.

Steve painted a room for Nell the other night, so she sent Swiss steak home with him so I didn’t have to cook.  Mom was coming over for dinner though, so we saved the meal until yesterday.  It was great – and I didn’t have to cook it!  Happy Sunday!   I really miss Grey’s Anatomy on Sunday night.  There’s really not much to do otherwise.  I did start reading a book about homesteading and the pioneers, but that’s not nearly as entertaining as Grey’s.  I don’t even have a desire to watch the new show on Sunday with Calista Flockhart.  I have enough drama with my dysfunctional family thankyouverymuch.  I don’t need to watch somebody elses.  Sme thing with Ugly Betty.  I lived Ugly Me and that was enough. 


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