Neuropsych test results revisited

I had quite the talk with Tom a few weeks ago about the test results.  He didn’t see the raw data, obviously, but he had a few suggstions for me about dealing with the impulsiveness, etc.   I had told him that the memory tests, etc., came back fine, but he thinks she didn’t use the correct tests, although I can’t remember the exact phrase he used.  He said he had definitely noticed a change since the car accident (I’ve known Tom a little longer than Steve, about 25 years).   Obviously that’s not a clinical diagnosis, but it makes me feel a little better to hear that he’s noticed a difference too.  He gave me some of the usual ideas for memory problems, etc., that I’ve typed in his reports hundreds of times – Keeping a journal, using a calendar to remember appointments, etc., walking away from arguments so they don’t escalate will help with the impulsiveness he thinks.  Good thing I’ve been doing that… LOL!  Haven’t had any broken dishes in awhile either!  My journal is pretty good for venting too. 

Actually I think my discussion with him helped more than anything the other neuropsychologist told me – and it was free.  I got her bill today – over $1800.  Thank goodness for insurance. 


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