Drunken babies

The Minneapolis tribute had this story tonight about a 3-year-old girl with a blood alcohol level of 0.12.  What the hell?  Sounds like my mom.  As we all know she’s not going to make mother of the year at this point, so I can probably tell about the time I got drunk when I was about the same age.  Miss hadn’t been born yet, so I know I wasn’t 4 yet.  We had gone to a Christmas party at my Grandpa Vosseler’s house and apparently I wandered around taking drinks of everyone’s beverage of choice.  It probably was really funny to see a 3 year old wander around tipsy, I vaguely remember the party, and I sure do remember the morning after the party!  Seriously, do you ever forget your first hangover?   I can remember being upstairs in my bedroom and waking up with an awful headache and my mom watching TV downstairs.  The TV was so LOUD!  It even kind of sounds funny to me now, but obviously it could have had a different ending.  Apparently no one was watching me, either that or I was the entertainment for the evening.  Ho ho ho.


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