A long and winding post

You know, I’ve written this damn thing about 10 times and keep deleting things.  To heck with it.  Maybe it won’t be so long and winding. 

The floor is done and looks great.  The dogs are all doing fine.  Summer is over too fast.  The RS broadcast wasn’t anything outstanding, but the cheesecake was.  I enjoyed getting out of the house for a while and actually have an opportunity to talk to someone.  Thanks R!  

I’m considering the counselor thing, but wonder if it would be worth the money.  I probably won’t do it.  I’m thinking of quitting the MK business.  I’m just so freaking sick of the whole thing.  I applied for a new MT job at a hospital this time, I hope I hear something soon. 

That’s it.  Finis.


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Filed under Church Stuff, family, Life in General, Work junk

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