my television addiction

Wow, tonight was a great night for television, I didn’t know what to watch first!  Two new Law & Order shows (CI and SVU) – not too thrilled about CI though, I don’t think it was a Vincent D’Onofrio (?).  Those are my favorites.  I recorded them to watch tomorrow.  Then, I watched the Croc Hunter’s memorial service.  You know, beneath this harsh exterior beats a soft heart.  It was pretty touching.  Especially when they showed a film of him talking about how his mother’s death affected him.  And when his daughter spoke.  “I love my daddy”.  I cried like a baby.  It also makes me sad to realize that his son won’t remember him.  I hadn’t watched his show for awhile because I just haven’t had time, but watching the clips and stuff tonight, I remembered why I used to love watching.  The stuff he used to do!  And to die the way he did, just ridiculous the unexpectedness of it all… Crazy.  I feel so sorry for his wife, Terri.  I’ve always liked her.  Okay, enough mush. 

VH1 had a SNL show on tonight that I missed entirely – 100 greatest moments of SNL.  Steve and I were trying to explain to Meg the other night how GREAT SN used to be- Rosana Rosanadana (or however the heck you spelled it), “Jane you ignorant slut”, the land shark, candygram, coneheads, Steve Martin and all his stuff, Samurai warrior… Man it used to be good.  The “starts” that hosted were just fluff, the real show was with the Night Ready for Prime Time Players.  I know it’ll be rerun about a thousand times, I’ll have to be sure and watch it sometime. 

And Thursday —- Ooooooooo Thursday.  A new season of Gray’s anatomy!  Woo hoo!  I’ve been trying to patiently wait, but the patience was running thin, let me tell you!  There’s a new blog up over on the GA webside at ABC.  Shonda was giving some helpful hints – I may have to go back and watch the very first episode to see what she means.  This is going to be so great!  I’ve missed George all summer. 

Okay, I have a lot more to say, but the Ambien has definteily taken hold of my brain and I’m not sure I can finish a coherent, well-spelled sentence.  Night all…


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