I love DVRs…. And flat monitors…

I took our old cable box in yesterday and traded for a DVR box.  Oooooooo.  I love it already.  ABout a month ago Steve and I bought a TV at Best Buy because the one in our living room had died – we only had it 15 years, they just don’t make stuff to last… Anyway, to be FRUGAL we bought one that had been returned and didn’t have a box.  I’m always a little leery of doing this, but what the heck.  Well, the picture kept cutting out.  It would just go blank for about 2 seconds, maybe not even that long, and then come back on.  Not a big deal, but very annoying.  I thought maybe that’s why someone took it back in the first place, so we took it back to Best Buy to trade it in. 

Our original TV was a 27″, which was great for me, but we were having trouble finding another one that size that would fit in our cabinet (also ancient, we bought it at Montgomery Ward, if that gives you any indication how old it is).  TVs used to have the speakers on the bottom, but now the speakers are on the sides of the tube, which means we could only get a 24″.  You wouldn’t think that would be a big deal would you?  I can’t read the program guide anymore!  LOL!  Anyway, I tried to convince Steve that maybe we should just get a DVR for ourselves.  I mean, we’re only 2 people, how many TVs do we really need for pete’s sake?  He didn’t go for it, so we got the TV instead.  Anyway, where this long tale is headed is, we got the new TV home, hooked it up, turned it on and watched for about 10 minutes, and the picture blinked off and on!  Oh hell.  Maybe it wasn’t the TV after all…  I thought that since I was going to trade cable boxes I might as well fork over the $4.95 a month extra and get the DVR – I’m so glad I did.  Steve hates to watch any of the Law and Order shows, he thinks they’re too graphic, but I love them.  Now I can record them at night and watch them the next day while he’s at work.  Grand idea!  I have an invite to a stamping party next Thursday night too, and I wasn’t going to go because I refuse to miss the season premiere of Gray’s Anatomy, but now all I have to do is record it!  Think of the possibilities!  A social life and my favorite programs.  What a novel idea! 

So, I’ll be working for a bit to pay off a new TV for a bit.  (our marriage is like that.  We buy new things, I pay for them, lol!)  No bit deal really, but then tonight my stupid monitor starts screeching.  Steve can’t hear it, but he’s practically deaf anyway, so that doesn’t surprise me.  I can hear it thought and it’s driving me insane.  It was so bad earlier that Buttercup got up and gave me a dirty look before leaving the room.  Now, when it bothers the dog, that’s a little much.  I think the monitor is about 5 years old.  Which I didn’t think was really old in monitor years, but I could be wrong.  I’d love to have a flat screen.  A big flat screen.  But I’m not quite that rich.  While I was working tonight I kept having to shut it off for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on.  Which got quite annoying after about 15 or 20 times.  Maybe it’s just having a bad day, it did this a couple weeks ago, but hasn’t done it since until tonight. 


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