A bit of this, a dash of that…

Well the great-niece/nephew is due April 21 – woo hoo!  The nephew (T) and his girlfriend finally went to the doctor for their first OB visit.  Things look okay.  Now she just need to quit smoking! (insert frown here)  

Buttercup is doing much better.  We’re still carrying her up and down stairs, but she’s holding her head up and seems much more frisky.  Thank goodness.  I couldn’t find a veterinary acupuncturist or chiropractor close, so I’m glad the head and rest worked.  Now if we could only keep it from happening again.  

 I did this real age thing the other day.  You know, answer a bunch of questions about my health, etc.  My real age is more than my actual age.  Bah!  I went to the store today and bought some fish and chicken.  Going to try to cut back on the red meat (waves bye-bye sadly) and try to eat more fresh fruits and veggies.  I went for a walk after dinner too, not a big one, but more than usual.  I can’t to everything at once!  I don’t even know if I can do it, period.  We shall see.   

The mouth and tongue are still numb.  Sucks.

Ruger scared the life out of me the other day, he ate some dark chocolate.  Like 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate.  I called the vet in a panic they told me to get him to vomit.  No mean feat.  Steve suggested I take him for a ride since he always gets carsick, but I didn’t really need chocolate vomit all over my car, so I nixed that idea.  I ended up having to take him in to the vet’s office.  (Such a short ride he doesn’t get sick.)  They took care of everything and he spent about 3 hours recuperating afterward.  He came home looking very remorseful.  But then the next day I found 6 more pieces hidden behind my desk.  I had to get on my hands and knees and look behind the thing, but there they were.  Luckily he had lost his taste for chocolate (for the time being at least) and hadn’t gotten them.  I’m sure it’s not that he forgot where he put them.  I know a said a couple of months ago that dogs were easier to raise then children. After the past couple weeks, I’m wondering.  At least the kids are covered by insurance!

My sister moved out of her apartment a week or so ago.  She’s moving out of town tomorrow.  Not far, but far enough to be long distance.  I’ll miss our long daily talks.  I hope this turns out to be a good thing for her.  I think it will.  But she’s MY sister, so you never know!


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