Oh no, the government has been keeping secrets from us!

I just can’t believe the CIA has had secret prisons! Please.  What does surprise me are the number of people who think the government is 100% honest with the citizens of the US.  You can bet your patooty there are more secrets than disclosures in the government and, in some respects, that’s a good thing.  I really don’t want to know everything.  And I don’t think I have to know everything.  I also don’t think I have to approve of every single move the president makes because, quite frankly, I’m sure he has a lot more information than we’re privy to and trying to play armchair quarterback with a lack of information just isn’t…. prudent.  😮  

Anyway… I used to have total faith in the government, blindly went along for the ride thinking everything was on the up and up – until I worked at the VA Medical Center.  Granted the things I saw going on and not going on really didn’t have much to do with national security, but they had a  lot to do with the way the government treated the people, especially the vets.  I lost a lof of respect for the government in general then.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think that living in a democratic society is the best way to live, I’d much rather live this way than be under the rule of a dictator, or monarchy, but I’m not so naive anymore to think that everything the government does is in the best interest of the people. 

As a side note, I don’t care where they keep political prisoners.  Especially the people behind 9/11.  I think death is too good for them. 


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One response to “Oh no, the government has been keeping secrets from us!

  1. Meggy Moo Moo

    I agree with this. The phrase, “You can’t handle the truth.” Is a funny, yet absolutely true phrase. Because there are reasons that the government keeps things from us. I believe this is for the good, because if some people knew half the stuff that the government does, they would go CRAZY! Now i’m not trying to put anybody down, but some people just can’t handle the truth. For example if another country were to threaten us with some, new high tech weapon, that we didn’t know anything about…. we would panic and over react. After this we might find out they were lying about the whole thing, and this country would be left a mess. I’m glad we have a working government that keeps things from us. But i’m sure if we needed to know about anything they would definately tell us.

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