This, that, and the other thing…

I’m getting really worried about Buttercup.  She’s not much better, if at all.  Steve thinks she was “perky” this morning, but if she was I must have still been sleeping.  Tonight, she could barely move and was keeping her head low to the ground.  I couldn’t get her to eat dinner.  We’ve been having to hold the bowl up for her so she doesn’t have to lower her head all the way down, but when I got their dinner ready tonight, she didn’t want any.  I just can’t bear the thought of having to put her down.  She’s only 6.  On the other hand, I don’t want her to be in constant pain anymore – I know that’s certainly no fun.  It’s hard for me to carry her in and out of the house and down the stairs to go to the bathroom too.  I just don’t know what we’re going to do and I’m kind of depressed about the whole situation.  I know this is something that you practically have to expect when you have dachshunds, but it’s really hard to deal with.  I bet you can’t tell I’m quite attached to my pups, can you?   

Speaking of my pups, Charlie Brown has been with us 1 year today!  Not bad for a dog that we thought wasn’t going to live a month when we got him.  He’s starting to lose the hair on his head now, and more off his ears.  I wish we could have figured out what was causing that, but we never did.  He’s to another year, Charlie!  I baked him a cake this afternoon – any excuse to use my new found love of cake decorating!

So I got up this morning and first thing I see when I log into Google is that Steve Irwin was dead.  It kind of blew me away.  Steve and I used to watch his show several years ago, and we’d laugh about his funny way of saying things and I thought he was nuts because of the things he did, but he always seemed so on top of the situation that I guess he seemed invincible to me.  Both of us were… I guess shocked by the news.  And what a freakish way to die.  Anyway, he’ll be missed.  Even if we hadn’t watched Croc Hunter regularly.

We went to Lincoln today, down to Wyuka Cemetery so I could get some pictures for someone from RAGOK.  I was thinking while we were down there that I’ve gotten pictures quite a few times for other people, some I still correspond with because we share a love of genealogy, but I’ve never taken advantage and had anyone do any research or take any pictures for me.  I might have to do that sometime.  It sure beats driving as far away as Pennsylvania to get pictures of headstones or copies of marriage licenses, birth and/or death certificates. 

We cooked out tonight and had family over for dinner as a send off for summer.  Missy and Garry came over, along with dad, Pam, mom, and Bob.  AJ made a rare appearance (I expect to see more of him since he doesn’t live all that far away now) and Meg came over for a bit too.  I invited Matt (of course) but he was painting a house with a friend, so he didn’t make it.  (We missed you Matt!) I thought it was fun.  Of course Miss and I had a fit of giggles over something that Steve said, it sure feels good to laugh again!  I thought of the quote I saw on Google today –   The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. – ee cummings  All I can say is Missy and I haven’t wasted any days when we’re together!  🙂  She had to go to the ER again last night.  I gripe and complain about my chronic pain, but if I had migraines, I really don’t know how I would handle it.  I really feel for anyone who has to deal with that kind of pain. 


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