Weekend from hell

Buttercup is doing much better.  Steve took her to the vet yesterday and she got some prednisone and appears to be much better.  He thinks it’s probably a soft tissue injury and not her spine.  Thank goodness.  I feel so much better and thankful to all my friends on Lovedachs and Dodgerslist for their prayers and suggestions. 

I don’t think lowering my prednisone is going to work, and that’s what the weekend from hell is all about, but I’m not going to whine about it anymore.  I’m just going to have to deal with it. 

Our bishop was released yesterday.  I’m actually quite sad about that.  He was absolutely the best bishop I’ve ever had and I’m going to miss his counsel. There’s no doubt in m y mind he was inspired to do some of the things that he did in our ward and I think the whole ward is going to feel his loss immensely.  The new bishop was his old first counselor (of course) Dave Jensen.  Dave is cool, smar, funny, but I’m just having a hard time picturing him as bishop right now.  I’m sure he’ll probably come along just fine, and I’m not exactly witholding judgment, I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.  I suppose it’s too much to expect that he’ll redo the primary presidency and I’ll get to do something else (besides primary president, I mean).  Actually the new first and second counselors have just moved into the ward, so we have more children in primary than ever, I think. I guess that’s one way to get people with kids to stay in the ward, put them in the bishopric! LOL.  I don’t know either one of them at all, so, I guess I feel like I’m in a new ward! 

Maybe now though Lori and Kelly will have some time and we can get together with them.  I know Steve really likes Kelly and they had a great time the night he cooked some rabbit and Steve and the Missionaries went to his house for dinner.  (Ick, I declined THAT invitation, but Steve says it was wonderful)  Elder Haloia from Tonga was here and he had this thing about eating wild game (hmm… wonder why?)  Anyway, Steve had come home from Lincoln with some fresh rabbit that somebody shot and Elder Haloia was so excited.  I wouldn’t cook the stuff, so the bishop offered and they had a boys night in. 

Well, in retrospect, the weekend may not have exactly been from hell, but it was a close second.  I’m glad things turned out as good as they did.


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