IVDD, dachshunds, and puppy love

Don’t bother to read this if you’re not a pet lover.  I don’t want to hear, “It’s just a dog” or any other similar stupid things. My Buttercup is having a serious problem and I’m a wreck.  All day today she was fine, Steve came home from a gun auction (don’t even go there), I took a shower and we went out to dinner.  When we came home from dinner and a walk around the mall (don’t go there either) she wouldn’t go outside.  She walked slowly to the kitchen door, but she always walks slowly, like some grand dame in a Victorian dress, she takes her time doing everything, so that wasn’t too surprising.  What was surprising was that she wouldn’t go outside.  She just stook at the open door, looking down.  So I kind of nudged her with my foot and off she went.  Steve went out with them and I got out my fondant to make my 15 roses for class on Tuesday, and pretty soon Steve yelled at me to open the back door.  He had Buttercup in his arms and couldn’t get the handle.  She got outside, but wouldn’t go off the porch.  Just stood there looking pathetic with her head down.  Kind of reminded me of a cow actually, but that’s just my sick sense of humar, I guess.  He took her off the porch and put her in the grass and again she just stood there.  Now, dachshunds are notorious for having back problems.  As a matter of fact it was 5 years in July that we lost our first dachshund, Schanpps to IVD (intervertebral disk disease) at the age of 10.  Buttercup is only 6.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Schapps’ problem with with his lower back and he was definitely in severe pain, he yelped every time you moved him.  He also had canine Cushing syndrome and epilepsy.  Whether or not these 2 conditions were the cause, when he got the steroids for the inflammation in his back he developed multi-system organ failure and had to be put to sleep  That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  So of course tonight when Buttercup started acting like this I totally freaked out. 

Luckily, I belong to a great dachshund group on Yahoo (lovedachs) and they have a great website www.lovedachs.org, so when I posted about her I immediately got a response from one of the gals on the list, Laurel, who knew someone who was formerly on the list who had gone through the same thing with her doxie, Emmett.  Emmett has totally recovered – yay!  I called Emmett’s mom and she sent me some great information.  She told me that she went to a holistic vet, had chiropractic adjustments done on Emmett, and then had acupuncture for him because the cost of the surgery to repair a disk is so high and they couldn’t afford it.  It’s around $3,000, so guess who else can’t afford it?  She sent some great links to find a veterinary chiropractor in my area and a canine acupunturist.  Guess what?  There are none.  Nada.  Zip,  Zilch.  Zero.  What the hell?  The closest accupuncturist in Nebraska is in Alliance (totally all the freaking way across the state).  There may be a closer one in Iowa or even Missouri, but I didn’t see one either.  I’ll have to do more investigations.  The closest veterinary chiropractor is on the other side of Iowa.  Not even one at Ames with the Iowa State Veterinary School!  Both of these options are obviously now out of the question too, so I’m praying like mad that tomorrow when we get to the vet he’ll tell us that crate rest will be just the ticket!

I’ve already created her and given her 5 mg of prednisone, and she’s snuggling under the heating pad, so I hope we’re going to have a miracle here.  I always try to prepare myself for when this kind of thing happens because, unfortunately, our beloved pets never live for such a short time, but it’s always the pet I don’t anticipate that gets sick!  When we had Schnapps we also had a 15-year-old dachshund named Oscar.  He was truly my baby, he followed me everywhere, and showed me devotion that’s hard to describe.  He even slept with my socks!  THAT’S love!  Anyway, since Oscar was so old, dear, blind, and had a tumor on his liver we knew his days were numbered so we got Heidi, to keep Schnapps company when Oscar passed on.  Well, Schanpps went first.  So we had a brand new puppy and one very old dachshund.  So, we had to get another, and another, and another… But that’s for another time.  Buttercup is our youngest, so she was the last one I thought would have this problem.  Charlie is a medical disaster and has already far outlived our expectations and he’s still going strong!  Not that I’m complaining!  Keep going, Charlie!  More later when we go to the vet tomorrow.  Prayers would be nice though…



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12 responses to “IVDD, dachshunds, and puppy love

  1. LeAnn

    Im going thru the same thing right now except the 2 vets ive contacted want 5900.00 and 6500.00 for the IVDD surgery~! That is outragous! Im on my way to a chinese herbalist! Im trying everything other than surgery to help my dachshund, BoJangles! Please pray! I hope your dog is much better and all recouped!
    Best, LeAnn

  2. Drusilla Spires

    I am sorry to hear about buttercup. I have two- brother and sister. Thursday three weeks ago I came home to find the sister Shelby. She was having trouble walking and we thought she might be constipated. Her abs were really tight. Well vet says give her some mineral oil and see if that works. I guess I need another vet. Any way long story short Shelby has IVD and she has lost use of her back legs. I think she has some feeling and I check her reflexes and they appear to be there. I will tell you what was passed on to me.
    Check on these to see . It might work. I can not afford surgery either and I am waiting on a miracle and trying everything possible.
    Cosequin- glucosamine
    Liquid Amber 15 Canine- Adequan( I am checking on this for mine)
    I have started Shelby on the Ester C, have ordered the liquid amber 15 from allnaturaldog.com and am waiting to hear from the vet about the adequan. You must be persistant with your vet. I have found that they sometimes only give you two options.
    surgery or PTS….neither I think you want to do.
    Also… http://www.dachsie.org and www. dodgerslist.com are great people to find a lot of info from. It is amazing how wonderful they have been to me…
    Good Luck with your buttercup,,,

  3. Thanks for the hints. I did join dodgerslist and they helped me a LOT! Buttercup is now back to normal, thank heavens, no surgery requires. Just lots of crate rest and I did put her on glucosamine and chondroitin. We also used heat on her neck when she was lying down, which I think helped immensely. Good luck to you!

  4. loopy

    my mini doxie was suddenly paralyzed (all 4 legs) but her blood tests conclusively found she was reacting to Lyme’s disease. She was put on Doxycycline and about 60 hours into it, she started walking again… Have your dogs checked, especially if you live or visit anyplace with deer around.

  5. kelly

    Have you ever looked at the website called Dodgerslist?http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Dodgerslist/ Hopefully this link will work? Otherwise Google Dodgerslist.

    I have 2 Dachshunds, Millie and Hanna. Millie is currently in her 3rd week of 8 being crated for IVDD. She has a herniated disc and almost no use of one of her back legs.

    Dodgerslist is an amzing website whose sole purpose is IVDD and Dachshunds.

    Prednisone and crate, crate, crate! Best of luck. Kelly

  6. Connie

    My mini Dachshund, Chantilly Lace, has a herniated disc. First she got a gum infection & had to have 5 teeth pulled then next week two legs had pulled ligamients then this. It seem’s like everything is falling is apart for an otherwise vital weenie dog. Some days she does fine with only a little limp but some days the limps is really bad. I’ve noticed soaking in a tub of very warm water for awhie looses her up. I give her a half of baby asiprin 2 a day & that really has helped. She took Prednisone for over a month & now looks like a blimp. But there’s more to love.
    The best thing is she has always had use of her legs & has normal bowl movments, so I guess it’s just going to take time.
    Chantilly will be 9 on Sept, 7th and still has many good years left even if they are slow one.

  7. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on Furl telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

  8. Etienne

    I’m going through the same thing right now…! I am so scared for Drexel, my 8 yr old mini. Who unfortunately is showing all the symptoms, so I am reading… It came outta nowhere and is turning me into a wreck as well… What I thought might have been a chicken bone that he ate, as he had done that before and acted slightly similar, can it be possibly be IVDD? I think so…
    So I have started crating him. However, as at first I thought it was the chicken bone, I thought it’d take about a weak to pass as before… But a weak later it doesn’t feel better and I’m pretty sure after reading that it is infact IVDD. He can walk but he seems to have a lazy hind leg and is walking pretty damn grimacingly, and doesn’t have much appetite…. I’m frantically trying to find alternative medicine in Los Angeles as I too am one o those who cannot afford surgery… Thank you for sharing your story.

    -Etienne Crespo-

  9. Donna

    Dachshunds Needing IVDD surgery

    I found this site for people with these precious dogs who need help with vet bills who cannot afford the IVDD surgery….check it out please… GOD BLESS…I have 2 of these…one is a rescue who was beaten and has to wear a diaper the rest of her life and may need the surgery someday…check out Care Credit, too…good luck…

  10. tamara mckeown

    Very interesting what you say about the gum infection and having to have 5 teeth taken out, exactly the same thing happened to my shih tzu before he was diagnosed with IVDD (long story)

  11. hernie de disc

    google_ad_width = 300;. The vacuum-like action causes
    the materials displaced in the core of the disc to
    return to a correct position. All living things have a
    very nervous system, and die when the nervous system stops working.

  12. tkop

    I’m sorry. I think my dog has it too. I’m freaking out

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