We’ll add another branch to the family tree..

My nephew and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.  Hmmm.  Should I add exlamation marks after that?  If anyone in the family was going to do it, it was going to be Tony! 😉  I don’t know what to think actually.  I’ve only met Candace (I hope I’m spelling that right) for a short time.  She seemed pretty nice.  They’re going to keep the baby, but as far as I know they haven’t made a decision about getting married.  I’m not going to go all judgmental on them.  Stuff happens.  (Don’t I know that!) I just hope that whatever they decide to do the baby comes first – although I know that a lot of times that’s easier said than done.  I think she’s moving down to Leavenworth, so Tony will probably never come home on his days off now – haha! 

The thing that struck me about the whole situation is that my dad will be a great-grandfather.  That really set me back a minute.  It was odd having my grandpa be a great-granfather, but my DAD?!  I don’t feel old as much as I just feel like life is moving faster than I want it to.  Actually, I think it’ll be kind of cool to have a baby in the family again.  And I’ll be a great-aunt for the first time on my side of the family.  My sister is going to be a grandma before me too… bah! (But I’m happy for her – she’s excited.)  Of course this isn’t Bitchsister.

On amother note, we started getting e-mails the other day from eBay members asking us about the cell phones we had for sale – what the heck?  Seems someone got into our eBay account and listed some stuff for sale.  Wonderful.  I have to say though that eBay was really easy to work with to get the stuff taken off our account, the listings ended, and helping us change our e-mail address.  Actually got to talk to a real-live person who was so incredibly helpful.  I thought our password for eBay was pretty off the wall, apparently I was wrong.

Took Miss to the hospital tonight for a shot – she’d had a migraine for about 3 days.  That has to be freaking miserable.  I’m tapering off the prednisone, it’s been a couple weeks or so now and I’m beginning to feel it.  I spent most of the day yesterday with a heating pad on my neck.  Both of my shoulders are getting that “sticky” feeling I get before they really start to hurt, I’m hoping it just goes away – wishful thinking on my part, I’m afraid.  The other thing that bothers me about my neck is that when it bothers me I always end up with a headache.  Nothing like a migraine (I’ve only had one of those in my life and that was enoough), but bad enough that bright light hurts my eyes and I have to change my Word background to a gray tone because the white background hurts my head.  I want off the prednisone too, I’m hoping my body will just adjust and I don’t have to up the dose again.  I really, really, really want to get off this nasty stuff.  I think after almost 12 years I’m entitled.  My bones have to about look like Swiss cheese I would think. 

Matt has decided to go back to school.  (Insert Motab singing Hallelujah Chorus)  He’s coming over some time today to fill out the financial aid forms.  Hope I can find last years tax stuff.  I’m so glad he’s going back.  Even thinking about it is an improvement at this point. 


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