In the news – J0n Benet

When I first heard the news the other day that the alleged killer of J0n Benet Ramsey had been caught, I was really surprised – and glad that my initial suspicions had been wrong.  Now it looks as thought maybe this isn’t the real thing.  I’m really curious to see what the DNA tests show, but the more I heard from this guy the less I think he had anything to do with it.  I even fell into the mindset that maybe the cops were right because only he knew the “grisly details” about her body when it has been found and only the killer would know these things. 

Then I started thinking about the homicide reports I’ve typed over the years of working for OPD and other cases and I realize that probably some of those “details” that only the investigators know are probably known to more people than they realize.  Then I saw an interview with a reported on Court TV (I love that network) who said that she knew those details, that the police had given her that information because she’s so “trusted” and the police “knew” that she wouldn’t disclose them to anyone.  Really?  I’m not doubt her truthfulness, but if she knows how many other people know because they could be “trusted”?  I love the saying that a secret can only be kept if only one person knows it.  I know probably I’ve told my husband things that were confidential at the time (I can’t remember doing it, but I probably did).  Some things I heard, read, and typed about where disturbing and I needed to share them with somebody to release my own personal feelings.  I trust my husband.  But who knows?  Maybe he has a friend he trusts, who has a friend he trusts…. You see where this is going. 

At any rate, this guy is certainly mentally disturbed and I’m glad the police arrest him for something.  It frightens me that he has children.  I hope he only had supervised visitation with them.  I followed this case with interest, just because I’m interested in law enforcement and crime, but I wouldn’t say I was obsessed about it.  People who cut out articles about things like this, make scrapbooks, and the like make me very nervous.  This guy makes me nervous.  (I know I keep calling him “this guy” but I can’t remember his name and I’m too lazy to go look for it.)  I’m not too sure about the motives of the professor in Colorado that he was corresponding with either.  Spooky. 

I have to wonder about the mental health of someone who would confess to such a heinous crime if he’s not guilty, too.  What does he hope to gain by confessing?  He’s certainly gotten his 15 minutes of fame.  Personally I have no doubt that he’s a pedophile, but a murderer?  Guess we’ll have to wait for the DNA. 



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2 responses to “In the news – J0n Benet

  1. Nee

    loco, man. probably convinced himself that he did do it. i like you will be very curious to see what the dna results are.

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