Busy with fun for a change…

The Jones family reunion was this weekend – which was a blast!  We had the first one 3 years ago and since I had just broken my ankle and was wheelchair bound I didn’t get to make the rounds to meet everyone and visit.  This year was so much fun, I couldn’t believe it.  These people are normal – honest to God, not like my family at all!  Everyone gets along.  I almost couldn’t stand the normalness of it all.  It almost started off on a bad note though.  We were about a mile from the destination in rural Wayne, Nebraska, when we saw some people standing by the side of the road and a couple cars pulled over.  As we drove by I saw motorcycle lying in the ditch, so Steve stopped to see if anyone needed any more help.  Turns out it was his cousin George, who also had come up from Omaha.  The road was freshly graveled (is that even a word?) and he just lost control of the bike when it hit a mound of the new stuff.  He never did make it to the reunion, unfortunately.  The rescue squad took him to the hospital in Wayne, where they patched up his minor injuries did some x-rays, which revealed a broken arm just below the shoulder, I think on the left.  The long bone in the arm (don’t expect me to be technical at 3:30 in the morning!) and pushed up and into the shoulder, which obviously was causing him a lot of pain.  I’m sorry we missed seeing him, and look forward to our next reunion in 2009. 

Aunt June, who is the matriarch of the family fell just before the family meeting.  She’s something like 85, so we were all a bit worried about her, but thankfully nothing was broken and by the end of the afternoon she was getting around just fine.  Scared me though, so I can imagine how everyone else felt.  The reunion was at her daughter’s house – a great old farmhouse that’s been updated.  Makes me wish I could live in the country, it was so quiet, and my dogs would never be in the house, there’s too much for them to be exploring. 

We had a great cookout, shared some funny stories, worked on genealogy, and planned for the next reunion.  It was just great. 

Monday we went to the Iowa State Fair.  I love that fair!  We were there for over 6 hours and I know we didn’t begin to see everything we wanted to.  You know how you can get anything “on a stick” to eat?  Well, I came home Mindi on a stick, I tell you I’m burned to a crisp and I don’t think sleeping tonight will be pleasant, but it was so worth it.  I haven’t had a sunburn in ages though, I forgot how hot they feel!  I’m out of white vinegar too, darn.  Someone told me that Mary Kay oil-free lotion works well on a sunburn and takes the heat out.  Didn’t work for me though.  I didn’t really overindulge either.  Granted I probably could have done without the funnel cake, but what fun is a fair without funnel cake?  I did leave a bit for Templeton though… lol.  I did indulge in my all time fair favorite, pork chop on a stick, they are too good to pass up!  One of Steve’s coworkers told him we should definitely try the fried Oreos – yuck. Not for one second was I going to go for that.  Or the fried candy bars and fried Twinkies that were at the same booth.  I could hear my arteries clog when I walked past the place.  Ugh. 

The dogs were very happy to see us when we came home tonight.  I don’t think they’ve been alone for so long since I quit working at the police department last year.  Mom and Bob came over to feed them and let them out, but from the tales they told when we got home we were definitely missed. 

There was actually work tonight.  I was short so many lines last week it wasn’t even funny, so tonight when there was work I just kept going.  I hope this keeps up this week.  Things always slow down about the time school starts, go figure. 

BTW – I love my iPod – it’s so great to never have to listen to the same song twice, or listen to an announcer from Podunk, Iowa, while traveling.  I wonder how I did without it for so long?  🙂 


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