Doctor, doctor, give me the news…

I accidentally got an appointment with my rheumatologist the other day, so I finally got to talk to the man himself, instead of his PA.  I guess it was a productive visit, I’m going to try to wean off prednisone.  Hopefully, I’ll lose some of the weight I’ve gained in the past 10 years while I’ve been on it.  That would be a bonus at this rate.  He also gave me another prescription for the pain that’s starting to accompany my facial numbness.  Wow.  I should rattle like a bottle of Tylenol when I walk after I add another prescription.  We talked about stopping the Plaquenil, but he said most people have a significant flare of their autoimmune disease after stopping.  No thank you. 

Today I had the most mind-numbing experience of my life.  I had a neuropsych evaluation. 

It was pretty interesting, but really, 5 hours of testing?  And guess what?  Everything is within normal limits.  I definitely don’t have Alzheimer’s.  (lol!)  I told the doctor that I definitely feel different than I did before my accident, even my personality seemed different.  That’s probably true, but I still fall within normal parameters.  Cripes, I must have been a freaking genius before! (LOLOLOL)  She’s going to call me after she scores my MMPI, but my depression scale was off the charts – gosh, do ya think?  We had a little bit of a discussion and she suggested counseling.  Right.  Does she have any idea who much that costs?  😉  Really, I’m not all that interested in spilling my guts to a counselor right now.  Maybe later. 

Other than that, everything is just hunky dory.  I love that phrase.  We’re planning a garage sale for tomorrow and Friday.  I couldn’t find a hotter day to do it.  Right now at 1:15 a.m. the heat index is still 100 degrees.  I can hardly wait until morning.  Nothing like sitting in a hot, steamy garage with your mother-in-law, even if you do lover her to death.  At least it’s only 2 days, we have a family reunion to go to on Saturday, which should be interesting.  I’m rambling.  I’m tired.  More later.


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  1. Nee

    ooh, i had the mmpi once.

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