Who really cares?

I really think there must be something wrong with me.  All this hoopla about Mel Gibson being anti-Semetic becuase he made remarks to a Jewish cop when he was arrested for drunk driving.  So what?  I’m not saying that being anti-semetic is a good thing, I’m just saying he has a right to his opinion and I don’t have to agree with him.  Nobody does.  Except maybe his wife, and then maybe only to his face, but that’s something else entirely. This is really no big deal.  I’ve seen quite a few drunk people.  I wouldn’t believe anything any one of them says.  Besides, we live in America people.  That gives us the right to think the way we want to. Yes, he did more than think, but again, he was drunk – he had obvioiusly quit thinking and the mouth was running on autopilot.  We don’t have to agree with everyone’s way of thinking.  Movie star or not.  Besides, no one said movie stars/producers are really smarter than anyone else have they?  Deal with it.  If you’re pissed over the whole thing and want to write Mel Gibson off because of what he said when he was drunk, by all means do it.  But please, does it have to be on the 5 o’clock national news? 

And while I’m on this roll… Suri Cruise, or Holmes, or whatever her last name is.  So they haven’t plastered her picture on the pages of People magazine or the New York Times.  Ho hum.  It’s a baby people.  They all look pretty much alike anyway.  Oh yeah, this one is special because she’s a cross between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Like I said, ho hum.  Seen pictures of Brad Pitt’s love child?  Looks like a baby doesn’t she?  If I were related to any of these people it would be important.  If they were friends of mine it would be important, but in 100 years is it really going to matter that Angelina Jolie broke up Brad Pitt’s marriage and then had a child without the benefit of marriage?  Or that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a baby? 

There’s a WAR going on people!  Several of them, in fact.  Gas prices are through the roof.  It’s hotter than Hades and people are dropping like flies and we have to worry that maybe Mel Gibson doesn’t like Jews and movie stars had babies.  Woo hoo. 


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  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    Like being in movies makes their opinions more important, their screw ups more newsworthy, and their babies more beautiful.

    I hope no one actually thinks Mel Gibson is the only one to believe the things he said, or that he’s the only one to show his butt when he was getting arrested!

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