It was one of those nights

No sleep that is.  I was working at 2 and really on a roll when I heard the thunder, so I quit.  Since my headphones plug directly into my CPU and although I’m struggling with my depression right now I don’t want a shock treatment I decided to go to bed.  I have a doctor’s appointment today at 10, so I didn’t take an Ambien.  Therefore, no sleep.  Although if I didn’t have the doctor’s appointment I wouldn’t complain because it was wonderful to lie awake and listen to the thunder and the rain! But, I do have the appointment, and then I have to come home and bake a cake and mix up some frosting for my last class tonight and by the time I get home it will be time to work again and I won’t have time for a nap.  At least not a good, loooooong nap.  I’m a little bummed about missing the sleep. 

Oh, but the rain!  We needed it so bad!  It will make today humid as heck, but tomorrow it’s supposed to be cooler, so I can take it for one more day.  More storms possibly tonight.  Hm, maybe I won’t be working after all!

Okay, must get dressed and be off.  Wish me luck that I don’t fall asleep driving.  (Just kidding, I’m wide awake…)


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