Why yes, I’d love to pay your medical bills, along with mine

This seriously pisses me off.  This report I just typed (don’t worry HIPPA – I’m not mentioning any names) is of this person who is about my age, has hepatitis B and C, is an alcoholic, and has been in and out of hospitals for heaven only knows how long.  Multiple times this year anyway. The last time this person was in the hospital they were given multiple prescriptions and told to follow up with their doctor.  Guess what?  They’re back in the hospital again.  They never filled their prescriptions and never saw the doctor.  Oh yes, they have insurance.  If you’re hell bent on killing yourself, go ahead and do it.  I’m tired of paying for it.  You obviously have no intention of taking care of yourself, so why bother to go to the hospital.  Doctors have tried and tried and TRIED to help you, and I’m sure your family has too, but it’s obvious you don’t want help.  Stay home already.  Lest anyone think I don’t have a heart, I do, but I don’t have an endless supply of sympathy for people who don’t give a damn about themselves and we as taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab.  Sometimes I really wish for socialization of medicine.  And then I come to my senses.  But something has to be done about this kind of thing.  It just infuriates me. 


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