Good food, good fun

Steve and I went over to dad’s for his cookout today.  Hell, they could have thrown the Italian sausage on the sidewalk and cooked it.  It was freaking HOT! I almost thought about not going, but I know dad and Pam had been preparing for it, so I thought it was rude to not go.  😉 You know I’m never rude, lol!

Anyway, we went and had a great time.  Pam had made some great featherbones, and dad of course had his Italian sausage and peppers.  Beans, coleslaw, potato salad, yum.  And we didn’t have to go outside unless we wanted to.  Bitchsister didn’t show up.  Woo hoo!  We stayed until about 7 and then had to leave to come home and feed the puppers.  It was actually a really nice time.  I’m glad I went. 

The hot weather is supposed to linger… There are wildfires in the panhandle and I just read that some of the cabins in Chadron state park as well as homes in Chadron could be in danger.  It’s been so darn dry.  Every time I hear we’re going to have rain it manages to miss us by miles.  We don’t have mandatory lawn watering restrictions here, but if this keeps up I’m sure we will.  Cold is miserable too, but at least when I’m cold I can bundle up and put more layers on.  Not the case when you’re hot.  I think I’d rather be cold.  I’ll change my mind about the time December rolls around, but for now I’d rather be cold.  I think maybe I’ll put some Christmas music on my pod and maybe that will cool me off.


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