Family crap – again.

Dad is having a party on Saturday and Bitch Sister and her Drunken Lout aka husband will be there.  Do I really want to go and have to deal with it?  Really no, but then again I don’t want dad to be upset either.  I’m wondering if he’ll be more upset if we don’t go or if I get into a fistfight with Bitch Sister.  On the other hand they might not even show up – even though they live across the street.  Oh, I should be so lucky.  They’ll be there, if for nothing else than to give Drunken Lout a chance to shoot off his big mouth.  I can hardly wait. 

Same old stuff around here.  I’m going to start buying lottery tickets, I swear.  I don’t feel like working this week.  Next week is the last cake decorating class for course 2 and I have to make some royal icing flowers this week and I don’t even want to do that.  I slept on and off all day today.  I can’t decide if I’m having a flare of my fibro or just going through a little depression thing – even with my 300 mg of Effexor.  I like to sleep when I’m depressed.  Sleep is good, but I wish I’d lose my appetite like other depressed people.  Oh no, not me. 

I started taking Premarin today.  I’m thinking maybe the sweats I’ve been having are hormonal – even 4 years after my hysterectomy.  Anything is possible.  I really wanted to avoid hormone replacement and thought after 4 years I’d made it, but the nurse said it’s possible.  I’ll give them a try, but if the sweats don’t stop I’m not going to continue taking them.  I’d been taking the herbal stuff I took right after my surgery, but that wasn’t really helping, so we’ll give this a shot.  🙂


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