Another Lesson in Medical Dictation

This isn’t so much a lesson as a rhetorical question.  Why must you dictate from home with your kids hanging onto you?  All I hear is your voice mumbling and a kid saying, “Who are you talking to?  Who are you talking to?  Who are you talking to?  Is it grandma?  Can I say hi?  Who are you talking to?”  I can’t figure out why I can hear the kids like I’m in the same room with them, but the doctor’s voice is barely audible. 

Also, must you dictate from a cell phone?  Those things cut in and out and you don’t know it and keep merrily dictating.  Just don’t complain to me when your report looks like Swiss cheese from all the blanks because I heard absolute silence during those parts.  I’m sure everyone with a baby monitor within hearing distance was fascinated by your patient’s medical history.  That goes for cordless phones too.  Steve used to be able to listen to the neighbor’s cordless phone conversations on his ham radio!  I shudder to think that someone would be dictating medical records on a cordless phone! 


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  1. Long-TimeMT

    Reminds me of a few years ago around Christmas time, apparently dictator had daughter home from college, and right in the middle of the report, they start talking about who is going to do her laundry. “I’ll do it” says mom, “No I’ll do it,” says daughter. “Leave it for me to do” says mom. This went back and fourth for at least 5 minutes..I wanted to cry!!

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