The Bitch is Back

As if today weren’t going bad enough I heard my mother (aka the egg donor) and her “spouse” are selling their home in Tupelo and moving back north.  Probably not to Omaha, but anywhere north is too close for me.  As a matter of fact, they still have miles they could go south, east, or west.  Anything but north.  I heard rumors of Missouri and that’s just too damn close.  That’s like within easy driving distance. 

Heard their house was literally falling apart and they spent a fortune trying to fix it, but didn’t want to or didn’t have enough money to fix the remainder of the problem.  Ha!  I hope somebody sues their sorry butts because I know darn good and well she’ll lie like a rug on the disclosure statement.  It’s the kind of defect that will make itself known before too long also.  I’m sure the neighbors know what’s been going on.  Hell, the way she jabbers to anyone and anything that will stand still long enough (yes, I know that why I’m her child) the whole freaking world probably knows what the problem is.  I’m surprised she found someone to even list it.  So beware buyers in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Don’t by a house from Prudential anytime soon. 


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