Monday already?

We had a busy weekend.  Saturday we went up to Fontnelle Orchard to get some peaches, the orchard didn’t have any, but the roadside stand just north of Fremont did.  They have the most wonderful freestone peaches.  My mouth waters just thinking of them.  We also got some bing cherries and tomatoes.  I love tomatoes – I planted 3 this summer in big pots in front of my house – but one has yielded nothing, one has given me 2 tomatoes and the other is a cherry tomato plant that has about 100 tomatoes on it, but none are ripe yet.   Anyway, I baked a peach pie when we got home.  I don’t even really like peach pie, but it was good. 

Meg came over to clean out her room and add some stuff to the garage sale pile.  She stayed for dinner and pie, mom and Bob came over, and then the missionaries stopped by.  Meg told me to hide the pie, but I didn’t listen, so that was the end of that! 

The server was down at work on Friday.  I hate when that happens because they can still dictate, we just can’t type.  What a mess.  I worked extra Saturday (since I never checked my work e-mail on Friday – oops) and then I couldn’t sleep.  I mean could notsleep, even with the Ambien.  And believe me I wanted to sleep.  I gave up at 7 and got up.  Cleaned the kitchen a little, got a lessen prepared for sharing time, and then went back to work for a couple hours.  I went to church, came home, ate dinner, watched TV (Oh, I NEED the new season of GA – come on, already!) and then finally went to bed and fell asleep watching Law & Order Criminal Intent at about midnight.  I have to admit I slept good last night! lol!

I hate to say this, but I think the RA has attacked my right hip.  It hurts all the time, sitting, standing, and even when I lie down, unless I’m flat on my back.  Oh Bother, as Pooh would say.  Aleve doesn’t touch it, so I’m eyeing by hydrocodone more often. I took half of one at bedtime last night, which seemed to calm it down a little.  At least enough that I could fall asleep on my right side.  I am so not a back sleeper. 

I bet the people at Bag N Save think we’ve adopted monkeys or something.  I’m down there about every other day buying another bunch for Charlie.  He loves the darn things, even more than applesauce!  Whatever makes him happy, bananas are cheap.

Which reminds me – gas was $2.82 yesterday, but since it was Sunday i was a good girl and didn’t fill up, so today when I run down to get gas since I was running on fumes I nearly had a heart attack  – gas was $2.99!  Who ever said it paid to be good?  Sheesh


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