Lord, I was born a ramblin’ (wo)man…

The iPod came – I’m lovin’ it…

I have podiatry dictation tonight.  I hate toenails. They are so grooooosssssss. 

Our neighbor’s house got broken into last night.  I mean, they kicked the freaking door in.  I heard absolutely nothing and I was up until 3:15 cleaning the kitchen after work.  That’s kind of scary.  They stole a machete.  That’s scary too.  Note to self:  Call ADT tomorrow and find out how to reset the alarm system. 

The missionaries forgot dinner tonight.  I think Hell must be freezing over. 

I really wish I could get along with my daughter.  How long to you suppose I’ll have to wait for that to happen?  I can’t figure out what to do with her anymore.  Maybe I should buy another dog and forget getting along with the kids. 


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