S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!

Thank you Bay City Rollers!   I had a roommate years ago who loved the BCR.  She even cut her hair like theirs (now THAT’S true devotion.)  I still like the BCR.  Can’t stand the thought of her, though.  Talk about the roommate from hell…

I asked to work my night schedule Monday through Thursday and Saturday because there was never any work on Sunday night and I would sit around for 4 hours waiting and waiting for some horrific car accident, train wreck, or hot appendix so I would have some work.  There’s always work on Saturday night.  Guess again.  I was logged in for 45 minutes and finally got a dictation from hell.  Then one from my all time favorite dictator and now, again, nothing.  Bah!

My friend Kate from MN called – she got a new dog.  Cosmo the dachshund.  Doesn’t that have a great ring to it?  Anyway, he’s a darling and she’s thrilled.  He used to belong to a psycho woman, but Kate and her husband CJ have him now, along with doxie sisters Sasha and Roxie (Roxy?) — I bet he’ll be spoiled rotten in no time!  As if he isn’t already.  Kate says he loves sleeping in the big bed!  (So do my dogs, but the big bed isn’t very big with 2 people and 3 dachshunds – so mine all sleep on the floor and Charlie sleeps in his own room.  The one with the scrubbable floor!)

Steve tried to kill me today.  We went to a tractor show (yawn) in Waverly.  It was hot enough to fry and egg on the sidewalk and I don’t do heat well.  Not to mention they were running steam engines!  What the hell… Anway, we were there about an hour and a half (too long) and I was nearly done in when we left.  However he perked me up with a Nestles ice cream sandwich on the way home, so I did live to tell about the happy experience.  Next year he can go see his tractors and I’ll stay home thankyouverymuch. 

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but why when I dream about my parents are they still together?  This bothers me to no end.  Seriously, I can think of nothing worse in the world than my parents being together, but there they are in my dreams.  Personally I wish my mother would stay the hell out of my dreams, but since she has to show up can’t she at least be with her current husband?  Eh, no.  I don’t want him in my dreams either.  It just confuses me… LOL!  And do NOT even think for one minute that I harbor some secret longing for my parents to be married again.  That’s about the last thing in the world I’d wish for.  Right after a raging case of Montezuma’s revenge and a root canal without anesthetic. 

I finally found my MahJong solitaire on Yahoo.  They screwed around with their game pages and it was lost for a bit, but I found it again.  Truly… Yahoo! 


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