Finally Friday

I went to lunch with my MIL today in exchange for feeding her cat on Tuesday.  Nice exchange I thought.  LOL.  We went to a place I used to go with my grandparents all the time when I was young – B&G Tasty Burgers.  They have the most delectable loose meat sandwiches, I loved them when I was young and they haven’t changed one bit – except the price.  I thought the price was a little steep for lunch, we both had the same thing, Big BG, fries and a root beer float and it was almost $12.  Whoa!  It sounds like a lot, but really it wasn’t, they serve it in a little carboard basket, probably less fries than you get with a regular order at McD’s, and the root beer float?  Well, it was served in a hot drink styrofoam glass with about a tablespoon of ice cream (I’m not exaggerating) and the rest root beer, less than 12 ounces of pop.  Not much bang for the buck, but it was kind of nostalgic. 

Mom has been looking for 25th Anniversary embellishments so she could scrapbook their 25th anniversary pics, so we went out to Archiver’s, since the scrapbook store close to our house closed last fall (winter? whatever).  They had no 25th anniversary stickers.  Does that reflect a trend on marriages not making it 25 years or Archiver’s not having the foresight to have the embellishments?  Maybe a bit of both.  Anyway, she came over later and we ordered some online.  Those scrapbook companies make a killing on postage – her postage was almost as much as her stickers and stuff!  That’s kind of nuts.  Kind of like the people on eBay that sell things ridiculously low – like 99 cents and then charge $20 S&H to make up what they lost in the price of the product.  Oh hell, don’t get me started…

We went to Goodwill then.  Mom is an expert Goodwill shopper and I usually find an angel or rabbit (I collect both), but this time we only found a couple books each.  That was a bargain!  We left with 2 hardcovers and 2 paperbacks for 3 bucks.  So, now I have reading material for my weekend.  I’m tempted to read instead of go to bed tonight, but I think I’ll give in and visit the land of Nod. 

Ran out of work tonight, but only 20 minutes before I was supposed to quit working.  I think I’ll just call it good.  I’m really not wanting to make up 20 minutes, plus I was way of my quota for the evening, so…

We finally had some great thunderstorms this afternoon.  I love thunderstorms!  We lost some branches off a couple trees, but nothing major.  We sure needed the rain too, but unfortunately that means it will be miserably humid along with the 100+ temps we’ll be having this weekend… Just typical Nebraska July weather.  The thunder was magnificent- it was the low rumbling that kind of rattles the window and it goes on forever… I love those kind of storms at night when I’m in bed.  I was hoping for more, but unfortunately it cleared up.  *sigh*

I’ve decided to give in and go to a Mary Kay cookout with Amy tomorrow.  Actually I probably wouldn’t go except Mike was in a car accident yesterday and totaled Amy’s Focus, so now they only have one car, so I thought she’d probably need a ride.  We have to take a dish, so I’m thinking of taking my chicken pasta salad.  It makes a ton and I don’t have to take it all, which means I’ll have some to eat over the weekend, yummy for my tummy!

I heard from Miss today that the egg donor didn’t have to have a stent placed the other day after all.  I guess she didn’t have a blockage so now they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with her heart that make the EKG wacko.  Hmmm.  Could it be that she doesn’t have a heart?  Yes, that must be it.  She may have to take a trip to the Wizard and see if he can help her out — uh oh, too late, he gave it to the tin man already… LOL



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2 responses to “Finally Friday

  1. Nee

    I’ve always wanted to go to B&G and never have.

  2. the food is really good – what you get of it!

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