I’m going back to work at night starting tonight.  I don’t think the hubs is too happy about it, but I have to do it.  I can NOT work in the daytime.  My body is just programmed differently.  My best job was working 3 to 11, but since I’m at home the 10 pm to 2 am slot fits nicely, thankyouverymuch. 

I bought DH A new basketball today.  Holy Mother!  I had no idea those damn things were so expensive!  We’ve had a couple since we moved since we now have the basketball hoop I’d asked for, for um, about 10 years… Anyway, the ball has disappeared and he whined about getting another one, but never did, so today I got him one.  Geez, I should have gone to some sporting goods store if I had known I was gonna pay 30 bucks for the darn thing.  Sheesh.  He better appreciate it.  I want to hear that ball hitting the driveway until it’s dark!  And then next payday I’m going to get him a glow-in-the-dark ball so he can play until morning if he feels like it!  LOL. 

Amazon still hasn’t shipped my iPod.  I know when you opt for free shipping it takes longer, but come ON… I want it NOW!  My sheets were shipped already and I ordered them a whole 20 minutes later!

Ah well, company is coming for dinner, well, not really company, missionaries… And they have another appointment at 7, so they’re going to be here about a quarter ’til 6.  The last time they ate her they nearly ate themselves sick on Baker’s chicken.  Tonight I’m fixing them frozen Marie Callendar lasagne.  They can eat all that they want.  Haha! 🙂

I celebreated the afternoon off by watching “Pretty In Pink” .  Now I feel old and decrepit.  I just love OMD, I watched the whole movie for that one song… whatever the name of it is.  Now I’m all nostalgic for “The Breakfast Club” and “About Last Night” and maybe I’ll have to find “The Big Chill” to finish it all off!  I had no idea Annie Potts was in PIP!  Where was I really when I watched this movie years ago?  I guess I was swooning over Andrew McCarthy… What was I thinking?  And I still can’t stand James Spader, I just hate him, he’s slimy.  Ick.    



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2 responses to “Yesssssssss

  1. Nee

    I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate a bouncing ball all night. HA! lol

  2. Ah to hell with them. I pay taxes too! :-p

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