Just the day after manic monday

Why can I NOT remember the name “Word Press”?  For God’s sake, I almost always have to look at someone else’s blog to remember where mine is.  What kind of brain damage is that?

I was a bitch today.  No, really.  I know some of you are having a hard time believing it, but there it is, out in the open.  I have a friend at church, well, several, but this one in particular.  We’ve been friends for, um, about 30 years.  Well things have changed in both of our lives, money has come and gone, etc… blah, blah, blah. Well, she and her mother are not in my ward anymore.  I don’t even live close to their side of town anymore, yet they call at least once a month if not more often asking me for a ride somewhere.  No big deal, I usually really don’t mind.  But I’m starting to get really, really tired of it.  They called yesterday and I said “Sure, no problem” just like I always do, and I got up this morning and thought, to hell with it.  I’m not going to do it.  So I unplugged the phone.  I know they called, at least 3 times, but I didn’t call them back.  And I’m not going to call back tomorrow either.  I’m just in one of those moods where I’m not going to do a darn thing unless I feel like.  And   I    Don’t    Feel    Like    It. 

My course II in cake decorating officially started tonight.  The instructor even showed up.  I told her not to worry about not showing up last week, I’m not going to bill her for MY time.  LOL.  (Okay, so I wasn’t a total bitch.)

I so much want to go back to working at night.  I’m so sick to figging death of the dogs barking, the noise outside, the phone ringing (but not today!), and all the stuff that goes with working in the daytime.  Besides, when someone says, “Let’s go to lunch”, you don’t have to say, “Well, I have to be home by one”.  Egh.  Not that anybody asks me to lunch, since DH comes home every single solitary day, but you get my drift.  No having to take work off for doctor appointments, dentist appointments, shopping… whatever.  I’m really thinking about switching back. 

I actually got a half-cent per line raise today.  Don’t laugh.  I don’t know any rich medical transcriptionists.  It was definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 

So my friend Cherry Blossom Girl is thinking of relocating to Minnesota.  Dammit.  I’m so jealous.  I would love to live in Minnesota.  I’d even settle for Wisconsin, actually.  I was thinking that maybe we had a chance of ending up there some day (after retirement) because DH’s best friend is from Wisconsin and he was going back there, so I figured DH wouldn’t want to miss hunting and all that manly stuff.  Now his friend is thinking about buying an acreage in Nebraska.  (WTF?)  So, my hopes were dashed. 😦

I would like to actually take some time off this summer and get up to Mankato.  I did some genealogy these past few months and the Mankato area is rife with Albrecht history.  One of my great-grandfather’s nephews even started the Lutheran College in Mankato, forgive me, but the name of the college escapes me.  I talked to a couple pastors up there that actually have some documents that I’d like to get my grubby paws on.  I know that Steve wants to go to Colorado (again).  Maybe we can go our separate ways?  Hmmmm….  Vacation, what a lovely idea….


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