I LOVE to spend money!

I worked some overtime the last pay period because I decided to splurge on myself.  Today was payday!  Woo hoo!  I bought myself a new iPod.  A real one, not a shuffle.  Yes, I am thrilled! (Doing the dachshund happy dance)  I did some shopping around and ordered it from Amazon.com.  They had the iPod and the charger for $304 with no shipping, so I saved $26 plus tax.  That’s a dinner out when I feel like it!

I also bought a set of 400 thread count sheets from Overstock.com, they better damn well be 400 count too, or I will kick some booty!  I love soft sheets, and we only have 1 pair, which I wash and put on the bed, wash and put on the bed, wash, and put on the bed – you get the idea.  It’s not even a matching set – it’s a white fitted sheet and yellow flat sheet because the yellow bottom got a hole in it and the yellow flat sheet is bigger than the white flat sheet and when DH decides to HOG the covers I still have some remnant to hang onto.  I can’t wait for them either.  I’ve worked some extra this pay period too, now I’m going to start saving for a laptop so I can carry my genealogy along with me when I go out of town and I don’t have to try to remember who’s who.  WOO HOO!


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