There is just no justice…

I just read the Ken Lay died today.  WHAT?!  There is no justice in the world, I swear.  And then to find out he died in Aspen – wow, I hope he was enjoying spending all the money that he never earned while he waited to go to prison.  I hope someone in REAL authority sees the dead body – like autopsy or whatever, this guy has so much money, I don’t trust that he didn’t fake his death just to go live on some desert island that he bought.  Cynical?  Who, me?



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2 responses to “There is just no justice…

  1. Nee

    Maybe it was suicide. Who knows. Maybe it was accidental like an overdose. Maybe it is completely on the up and up. In any case, the rumor mill online is in full swing and it’s understandable why.

  2. I still think he’s on a tropical island somewhere laughing his a$$ off. But I’m suspicious by nature.

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