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Why yes, I’d love to pay your medical bills, along with mine

This seriously pisses me off.  This report I just typed (don’t worry HIPPA – I’m not mentioning any names) is of this person who is about my age, has hepatitis B and C, is an alcoholic, and has been in and out of hospitals for heaven only knows how long.  Multiple times this year anyway. The last time this person was in the hospital they were given multiple prescriptions and told to follow up with their doctor.  Guess what?  They’re back in the hospital again.  They never filled their prescriptions and never saw the doctor.  Oh yes, they have insurance.  If you’re hell bent on killing yourself, go ahead and do it.  I’m tired of paying for it.  You obviously have no intention of taking care of yourself, so why bother to go to the hospital.  Doctors have tried and tried and TRIED to help you, and I’m sure your family has too, but it’s obvious you don’t want help.  Stay home already.  Lest anyone think I don’t have a heart, I do, but I don’t have an endless supply of sympathy for people who don’t give a damn about themselves and we as taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab.  Sometimes I really wish for socialization of medicine.  And then I come to my senses.  But something has to be done about this kind of thing.  It just infuriates me. 


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Good food, good fun

Steve and I went over to dad’s for his cookout today.  Hell, they could have thrown the Italian sausage on the sidewalk and cooked it.  It was freaking HOT! I almost thought about not going, but I know dad and Pam had been preparing for it, so I thought it was rude to not go.  😉 You know I’m never rude, lol!

Anyway, we went and had a great time.  Pam had made some great featherbones, and dad of course had his Italian sausage and peppers.  Beans, coleslaw, potato salad, yum.  And we didn’t have to go outside unless we wanted to.  Bitchsister didn’t show up.  Woo hoo!  We stayed until about 7 and then had to leave to come home and feed the puppers.  It was actually a really nice time.  I’m glad I went. 

The hot weather is supposed to linger… There are wildfires in the panhandle and I just read that some of the cabins in Chadron state park as well as homes in Chadron could be in danger.  It’s been so darn dry.  Every time I hear we’re going to have rain it manages to miss us by miles.  We don’t have mandatory lawn watering restrictions here, but if this keeps up I’m sure we will.  Cold is miserable too, but at least when I’m cold I can bundle up and put more layers on.  Not the case when you’re hot.  I think I’d rather be cold.  I’ll change my mind about the time December rolls around, but for now I’d rather be cold.  I think maybe I’ll put some Christmas music on my pod and maybe that will cool me off.

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Bakin’ Bakin’ Bakin’…

I’ve decided to make a cake today – hooray!  I just wanted to try a simple one out of my course 1 book.  I need to start baking and decorating more.  I just don’t want to eat it, so I’ll have to be donating cakes that maybe aren’t so beautiful – at least for a while!  Then I need to make some more royal icing flowers for my final cake in course 2.  I’m having so much fun with this.

Speaking of baking, I hear the temps are going to be up near 100 again this weekend.  I never thought I’d say it, but fall is looking pretty good about now.  Ask me again when my front yard is covered with leaves, but for now I could use some coolness. 

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Another Lesson in Medical Dictation

This isn’t so much a lesson as a rhetorical question.  Why must you dictate from home with your kids hanging onto you?  All I hear is your voice mumbling and a kid saying, “Who are you talking to?  Who are you talking to?  Who are you talking to?  Is it grandma?  Can I say hi?  Who are you talking to?”  I can’t figure out why I can hear the kids like I’m in the same room with them, but the doctor’s voice is barely audible. 

Also, must you dictate from a cell phone?  Those things cut in and out and you don’t know it and keep merrily dictating.  Just don’t complain to me when your report looks like Swiss cheese from all the blanks because I heard absolute silence during those parts.  I’m sure everyone with a baby monitor within hearing distance was fascinated by your patient’s medical history.  That goes for cordless phones too.  Steve used to be able to listen to the neighbor’s cordless phone conversations on his ham radio!  I shudder to think that someone would be dictating medical records on a cordless phone! 

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Family crap – again.

Dad is having a party on Saturday and Bitch Sister and her Drunken Lout aka husband will be there.  Do I really want to go and have to deal with it?  Really no, but then again I don’t want dad to be upset either.  I’m wondering if he’ll be more upset if we don’t go or if I get into a fistfight with Bitch Sister.  On the other hand they might not even show up – even though they live across the street.  Oh, I should be so lucky.  They’ll be there, if for nothing else than to give Drunken Lout a chance to shoot off his big mouth.  I can hardly wait. 

Same old stuff around here.  I’m going to start buying lottery tickets, I swear.  I don’t feel like working this week.  Next week is the last cake decorating class for course 2 and I have to make some royal icing flowers this week and I don’t even want to do that.  I slept on and off all day today.  I can’t decide if I’m having a flare of my fibro or just going through a little depression thing – even with my 300 mg of Effexor.  I like to sleep when I’m depressed.  Sleep is good, but I wish I’d lose my appetite like other depressed people.  Oh no, not me. 

I started taking Premarin today.  I’m thinking maybe the sweats I’ve been having are hormonal – even 4 years after my hysterectomy.  Anything is possible.  I really wanted to avoid hormone replacement and thought after 4 years I’d made it, but the nurse said it’s possible.  I’ll give them a try, but if the sweats don’t stop I’m not going to continue taking them.  I’d been taking the herbal stuff I took right after my surgery, but that wasn’t really helping, so we’ll give this a shot.  🙂

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The Bitch is Back

As if today weren’t going bad enough I heard my mother (aka the egg donor) and her “spouse” are selling their home in Tupelo and moving back north.  Probably not to Omaha, but anywhere north is too close for me.  As a matter of fact, they still have miles they could go south, east, or west.  Anything but north.  I heard rumors of Missouri and that’s just too damn close.  That’s like within easy driving distance. 

Heard their house was literally falling apart and they spent a fortune trying to fix it, but didn’t want to or didn’t have enough money to fix the remainder of the problem.  Ha!  I hope somebody sues their sorry butts because I know darn good and well she’ll lie like a rug on the disclosure statement.  It’s the kind of defect that will make itself known before too long also.  I’m sure the neighbors know what’s been going on.  Hell, the way she jabbers to anyone and anything that will stand still long enough (yes, I know that why I’m her child) the whole freaking world probably knows what the problem is.  I’m surprised she found someone to even list it.  So beware buyers in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Don’t by a house from Prudential anytime soon. 

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Another reason why I think Hallary Clinton is a man in drag…

She’s so freaking condescending.

“Clinton said President Bush and Republicans had “made a mess out of the country’s finances.” Rewriting her husband’s famous 1992 campaign slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid,” she declared: “It’s the American dream, stupid.” 

Thanks CNN.  I really need to hear from someone else how stupid I am tonight. Especially while I’m sitting here working my a$$ off for nothing. 

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