I took my sister to the hospital tonight for a shot (she has migraines) and while we were out and about we were discussing the fact that my niece’s mother-in-law passed away yesterday.  My niece Amber, not the one who got my MILs house robbed, that one is on Steve’s side of the family – LOL! Anyway, we were discussing the fact that our bitchy “other” sister will probably be at the funeral to play good aunt to the audience at the funeral.  (She learned all her tricks from our mother.)  And I was saying that it would truly be serendipitous if something would happen to our mother and Mel couldn’t go to JoAnne’s funeral because she had to go to Mississippi to go to our mother’s.  I know, I know, I’m going to hell, but you really have to know my mother to appreciate how vile of a person she is.  Anyhoo, Miss mentioned that maybe that wasn’t so serendipitous because our mother had an EKG recently and it was abnormal and she was having to have some other tests.  Hmmm….

The funny thing about this is I really don’t care.  I always had thoughts that maybe if something were really the matter with our mother, aside from the obvious mental issues, I would be sad or try to reconcile or… whatever, but the news didn’t really have any effect on me at all.  It was like hearing news about some person you knew about but really couldn’t care less about  – like Angelina Jolie, for instance.  I guess that took care of some questions in my mind.  I don’t think I’ll suffer much guilt if and when the old lady pops off.  What a relief. 


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