So – Random Tuesday thoughts

My niece’s whatever he was, boyfriend, hot dude, whatever, got out of jail yesterday, supposedly he’s under “house arrest” according to MIL (?).  Well, whatever, he managed to call my niece 3 times before dinner to tell her he’s going to kill her.  Nice guy.  I’m hoping she lives long enough to learn from this experience.  If a guy lives in a crappy neighborhood, dresses like a gangbanger, and talks like a gangbanger – hm, chances are he IS a gangbanger. 

If my dogs go into a barking frenzy one more time today, just ONE MORE TIME, they’re all going OUT for the entire afternoon.  I’m not kidding. 

I rue the fact that I’m allergic to cats. (See above.)

I hate doctors who mumble, talk fast, and practically in a whisper so there’s no way in hell I’m going to understand what they’re saying.  I also hate doctors who have no idea what they’re going to say next.  The…. patient…. has a history of…. (pages shuffle)… Um….  Um… (Come on jackass – the chart is right in front of you!)  Um… Hemorrhoids.  Wow.  I waited over a minute for THAT?!?  Only to get down to the diagnosis part and have them list 15 things.  Go figure.  Some of these guys I wouldn’t trust with a hangnail!

I want a big thunderstorm.  Big!  Crashing thunder!  Bright lightning! Wind!  Hail!  Maybe even a tornado warning just for good measure.  I’m bored silly with the weather.

Just for giggles – I would like a husband who can understand the dishwasher.  Nothing fancy, just that when the dishes in it are dirty or it’s empty, you can put more dishes in it.  Or, here’s a thought, if the dishwasher is FULL of dirty dishes, you just add soap and hit the start button!  Presto!  It’s amazing what kind of technology there is around the house nowdays. 


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  1. dish what? plates are paper… they don’t wash well 😉 ROFL

    Seriously. I live by paper now. I hate dishes.

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