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Sunday afternoon

Primary activity day was yesterday.  I think all involved had a good time.  I made a liahona – that was an experience – and I think it turned out fine!  Wish I could find the cord to the camera in this mess of an office and I'd post a picture, but…

Mom and Bob are home, safe and sound.  All told 6 arrests have been made with regard to the burglary and some of the guns have been located and possibly all the jewelry.  Great job OPD! 

I hope the niece certainly thinks twice about her choice of boyfriends in the future.  Maybe getting a last name would be a good idea.  SIL just thinks this is a "misunderstanding".  I guess that's okay unless someone gets killed with one of the stolen guns, then "misunderstanding" doesn't quite apply.

Meg drove all the way to Des Moines to participate in a Cancer Camp today (probably through PTK) but then forgot to take the address with her.   I'm not saying a thing.  Really.

Matt still hasn't made it over to get his birthday stuff.  Maybe I won't have to buy anything next year? 

Charlie killed another bird today and ate it.  Gross. 

That's about it for my week…


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