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What a week – and it’s only Thursday!

Mom and Bob left to go to Mackinac (sp?)  Island Sunday morning.  Sounds like fun huh?  I think it would be if it wasn’t a bus trip! Ick!  My niece was supposed to stay at their house and take care of Mr. Tucker while they were gone.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Oh contraire!  About 10:30 Tuesday night my SIL calls to tell us someone broke in to mom and Bob’s house.  Isn’t that just lovely?  The niece wasn’t home when it happened, her new up and coming boyfriend had called her to come “hang out” for awhile.  Steve got up (he was already in bed the sleephead) and we went over to the house.  The niece was scared to death to stay there, so I took one of Steve’s guns and planned to spend the rest of the night.  By the time the crime lab and the police were done, it was nearly 2 o’clock, and by the time SIL and BIL left it was 2:30.  This part I didn’t get though, the niece had come back to the house after being gone, discovered the break in, then left to take new boyfriend and his friend back home, but left 2 girls at the house!  Go figure.  Anyway, we discovered the the screens had been cut to the back basement windows (one which goes to the garage, the other to the laundry room), but apparently the intruder(s) couldn’t get the windows open, so they went up onto the deck, tore off the screen to the sliding glass door, then pried the door open enough to get a knife in the lock and jimmy it open.  We discovered most of Bob’s guns were gone, mom’s jewelry boxes were all emptied out, and it looked like drawers had been gone through.  (Found out today that Bob’s binoculars are gone too, they were in his dresser drawer.)  The only thing any of the neighbors saw was a black Ford Focus parked in front of the house about 9 or so, shortly after the niece left.

For some reason things just didn’t feel right to me or Steve, just call it a gut feeling.  I’m still trying to figure out why she didn’t take the girls with her when she took the guys home.  I wondered how much of a coincidence it was the niece’s new BF called to have her come hang out and the house gets broken into.  But then I thought maybe I was just being overly suspicious.  Well…. To make a long story short, I wasn’t just being overly suspicious.  Seems the new BF did indeed having something to do with the house being burglarized.  Tonight SIL and BIL heard rumors of where the guns were at and they called me.  I called Captain Friend and relayed the message.  SIL called him also with more information about the BF when he called the niece for a ride home.  Can you believe the nerve of that guy?  Geez!  Anyway, Capt. Friend (who is my hero, BTW) who asked us (me, SIL, BIL, and the niece) to come to the NW Precinct and then we would take the niece and all go after the boys involved. I tell you what, by the time we gathered everyone together, there were 3 unmarked police cars, 2 Sarphy County Sheriff cars, and the car SIL, BIL, and I were in it looked like a parade!  All we needed was a band.  Anyway, we found the boys at a house in Sarpy County where the niece says the boys always go to smoke weed, but of course SHE never does that… Hmmmmm.  The officers did a knock and talk, the boys agreed to go down to the police station and be interviewed.  We had to take the niece down too, as she had to be formally interviewed also.  So far the word is the new boyfriend admits to taking a (as in 1, single, solitary) gun from the house, but it was the night before the burglary and he didn’t have anything to do with the burglary.  Uh huh.  Guess it’s just a coincidence that his aunt drives a black Ford Focus.  Of course he didn’t commit the burglary since he was with the niece at the time, but he sure as hell had something to do with setting it up, I’m sure.  His aunt has quite the reputatio, according to my niece.  Why in the name of all that’s holy then does my niece feel the need to associate with these people?  Cute ain’t everything honey.  And personally none of the boys were too cute!  All three boys that went to the station told different stories about what happened, and when the niece was done with her interview and we were ready to leave, nothing had been decided yet about whether or not the boys would be arrested. 

I feel kind of sorry for the niece though. BIL and SIL found out that these kids had been at the house 3 times instead of the one time niece had told them about.  They also found out that the aunt and the (ex) boyfriend live in very unsavory parts of town and that the niece had been to both places.  She says once, I say I wouldn’t be believing much of what she says right now.  (I’d ground her for life for that alone!)  The XBF is bad, bad news.  His dad just got out of jail last week and he supposedly has quite the criminal record.  None of the boys’ parents even came down to the police station.  How sad is that?  Your kid gets picked up by the police and you don’t even show up?  That says a lot IMHO. One of the boys is just 13 – the guns are supposedly at his home.  His brother was just arrested last week for auto theft and his dad has a record long enough to wallpaper my kitchen with.  What lovely, lovely people. 

Anyway…. Mom and Bob will be back on Friday night, late.  Needless to say the niece is not staying at the house for the rest of the week.  I’ll be taking over that duty thankyouverymuch.   The whole mess is incredible.  Niece is a good girl, but very, very niave.  I hope she learned a lesson from this – almost as much as I hope they get the guns back!  And I really, really hope they get the guns back!  Steve and I cleaned up the house a bit today, I folded the umpteen blankets the girls had drug out, and Steve cleaned up the fingerprint powder residue that was everywhere – man that stuff is nasty

On a more pleasant note, I had my first cake decorating class last night.  It was a blast.  I’m the only person in the class – how is that for fun? A little 1:1 teaching.  We had a good time.  Missy might take the class starting next week since we really didn’t do much except learn how to ice a cake and make it smooth and crumbless. Fascinating.  And I’m not being sarcastic either! LOL

In the medical news department, went to see Dr. Andrews again today.  We’re going to try Ambien again and see if that helps with my sleep, or lack thereof.  When I took it before I would fall asleep, but after about 4 hours I’d wake up again.  The Trazedone just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Guess I built up a tolerance to it or something.  There were a couple nights within the last week that I just could not fall asleep.  My joints have been really acting up again, and that doesn’t bode well for good sleep.  I had some pain in my left shoulder and right hip that I haven’t had for a long time. It’s just a hot kind of pain.  The joint feels sticky (for lack of a better word) for a couple hours and then it gets hot and extremely painful.  It’s the kind of pain that wakes me up from a sound sleep and keeps me awake, no position is comfortable.  I hope that’s not starting all over again!  It’s been about 6 years since I had those kind of pains.  Haven’t missed them at all, either.  It’s almost time for my yearly bloodwork though, so we’ll see what Dr. Klein has to say.

I’m so freaking tired I can’t see straight.  I’m going on 22 hours without sleep.  I’m not really sleepy though, you know how you can be tired, but not sleepy?  Like the body has gone as far as it can, but the old eyelids just don’t want to close.  Yeah, that’s where I’m at, and I sure don’t want to take an Ambien at 5 a.m.!  I have to go get my car tomorrow when Steve comes home for lunch, it’s in getting the transmission fluid changed and a new filter put in.  And then I have to work at 1 p.m. again. No time to have a good, restful 8 hours.  The dogs will be up too, and that means barking at every leaf that blows down or the neighbor 3 doors down sneezes…   Thank goodness tomorrow is MY Friday! 


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