The End of the Week of Mindi

Well, my celebrating is done for the year!  Next year I will be 49.95!  LOL.

Mom and Bob had dinner at their house tonight so we could celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday all at one time.  It was really nice, except the weather was too cool to eat outside, although I don't think we had any sprinkles during the time Bob and Steve were cooking. 

I got up this morning and Steve had gone to the store and gotten orange rolls for breakfast.  Meg spent the night last night so she eventually got up and had some too.  She left shortly after that to go to her ward and I went back to sleep with my Very Good Friend, the heating pad.  This cold damp weather totally stinks, I'll be glad when spring gets here and stays here! 

Before Church Steve and I took Charlie Brown to the vet.  The sore he has on his back has still been draining pus and blood, so we wanted Dr. Jesske to take a look.  He's the one who knows Charlie the best, so I felt better having him take a look at my pupper.  He just gave us a prescription for another antibiotic which is supposed to work better on skin, so we'll see how that goes.  He doesn't want to incise it because Charlie's skin is so bad and he sure doesn't want to cause any more problems! 

We got home just in time for me to get ready for church and then get going.  Since it was Mother's Day the priesthood took over the primary for us, so we actually got to go to Relief Society – what a treat!  I really enjoyed going, although the topic was a little gloom and doom – or maybe I just felt that way after the past couple of weeks, but it was about death and the resurrection.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think the resurrection is doom and gloom, but I've had enough with people dying lately.  I'm still wishing I could go to Arizona, but since the funeral is today, I don't think I'll make it.  I just can't imagine how hard things are going to be for K.  It was tough enough being a single parent with 2 children at 26, let along being a widow with all the baggage that entails.  It will be so hard, I hope she knows that we all love here, all us crazy gals from LDSW. 

I didn't stay for SUnday School or Sacrament – I really hate the reverse block, I'm never going to get used to it.  I came home and got ready to go to Mom and Bob's for dinner.  Bob and Steve cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, Amy brought cantaloupe, there was tomatoes, chips, Fritos, dip, deviled eggs, and of course birthday cake!  Chantal made my birthday cake and it was so darling – it was a huge layer cake, frosted purple with white squiggles (isn't that a technical cake-decorating term? LOL) all over the top.  She had even gone out and got a little ceramic Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh block that said, "Oh bother" to put on the top.  It was so cute.  Maybe sometime later this week I'll figure out how to put my Flicker Widget on and then I can show you! 

Steve got me a Willow Tree angel – I love angels.  It's holding a puppy, and I think it's so cute.  Mom and Bob got me some dishtowels, and the neatest angel from Branford Exchange – To My Precious Daughter.  Which of course brought me to tears, I love them both so much!  And Mom got me 3 really cute strawberry canisters for the kitchen from "Country Living" magazine.  They are so darn cute!  Sue and Smitty and the girls gave me a new outfit, really cute – I think Sue's finally given up on trying to get me to wear shorts – egad!  So they got me a really nice T-shirt and some capris.  Amy and Mike and the girls gave me a cookbook from Gooseberry Patch, one of my favorite online stores.  Matt gave me a $25 gift card to The Afternoon at the local mall.  I love that store it's very eclectic – I can spend a lot of time in there! Missy paid to have my hair redone last week, so that was my present from her.  Dad and Pam gave me a state quarter necklace, it's really neat.  It has a gold plated Nebraska quarter on a really pretty silver chain.  I'd never seen one, but I like it.   Mom was really worried that there wouldn't be enough room for everyone, but Matt couldn't come, Smitty didn't come, so it was Mom, Bob, Steve, me, Meg, Dad, Pam, Mike, Amy, Madi, Lydi, Gabe, Sue, Jackie, and Mikayla.  Not too bad at all.  Missy and Garry came later, along with AJ and Emily. 

It was really fun – until I all but missed the season finale of Grey's Anatomy!  Most everyone was still there and I could't hear a word!  That was a little frustrating – okay, it was a lot frustrating.  Hopefully tomorrow night which is the second half of the finale, I'll be able to catch up with what I missed tonight.  It looked really, really good, what I could hear of it!  Season 2 DVD comes out in September, so even if I miss the summer reruns, I'll have it then. 

Okay, it's almost 5 a.m. and I'm so tired I can't see straight!  Forgive the terrible spelling! 


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