The good thing about being a medical transcriptionist for so long is that you can work and still let your mind out to play for a bit, if the reports are the usual run of the mill stuff.  The bad part of doing medical transcription is you find out way too much about things to worry about.  Tonight I did a report on a guy who was 82 years old with Alzheimer’s.  I hate the fact that this guy is only 7 years older than my own dad.  My dad doesn’t have Alzherimer’s – that we know of – LOL, but still… I remember when my dad could do anything!  He was my hero and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do.  Obviously that has changed a bit.  But he still helped build the deck on his house last summer and it looks mahvelous dahling!  Seriously though, I dread the day, and I’m sure it will come, when my dear papa is the infirm elderly old man I type about.  I can’t imagine.  I don’t want to imagine.  It can happen to other old men, but not my dad. 

Miss and I went out today and took care of some business.  Well, we tried to take care of business, but didn’t get much done.  Maybe on Monday. 

Charlie Brown (my foster dog) is back on oral steroids and it seems to be helping his ears a big.  I got a HUGE scab off his left ear yesterday.  I know that sounds gross, but he has vasculitis really bad and his ears get ulcerated, swollen, and very hot.  The steroids seem to help a lot, but unfortunately not enough.  I’m happy to just get rid of the scabs and the swelling.  He doesn’t seem to be shaking his head as much today, maybe that ugly thing was bothering him. 

I want to try to get up to the hospital to visit Joanne tomorrow.  I wanted to go today, but by the time Miss and I got home it was after 5 and Steve wanted to go to the church bookstore.  They decided to quit renting the Cleanflick videos so they were selling all the DVDs they have left for 5 bucks apiece.  We got the Garfield movie (that Odie is a dachshund mix!) and something else that Steve thought he’d like.  He said he’s already seen it, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name right now.  I got 2 books, so I’m happy – although I think Meg took off with one of them tonight.  I hope I get it back! 

Well, I worked for 6 hours tonight to get 689 lines.  There were no jobs for about 2 hours, so I just played Mah Jong and waited.  Boring, but at least I got the lines in. 


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