The Best Party Ever!

The 25th anniversary party for mom and Bob went great!  I was so happy.  I could hardly sleep Friday night, I kept having nightmares about all the things that could go wrong, but luckily nothing did.  Well, we ran out of nuts rather early, but that's it. 

The cake Chantal baked was absolutely gorgeous, and tastes wonderful!  It was a white cake with raspberry filling.  Everyone was loving it. We had punch and coffee, with some soda on the side – we had plenty.  Tom came up too, since he doesn't eat cake, we brought a can of Spam for him.  If I can find the picture you'll see how appropriate this was.  Matt managed to make it, but Meg was in Seattle.  I think just about everyone else came.  I think I mentioned before that Lois, Tim, and Jeanny were coming down from Wausa – I think that surprised mom more than anything!  She cried.  THAT is a sign of a great surprise party!


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