Busy bee

Wow!  I have been so busy lately!  I actually have had a little energy, but I’m using it up quickly! Last Friday night we had all of Bob’s kids and grandkids, all of Mom’s (meaning Carole!) kids and grandkids, minus Matt and Kayla, AJ, Emily, Tony, Sarah, Missy,  Garry, Dad and Pam over for Bob and Meg’s birthday.  That was only about 35 people!  It was great fun.  Chantal made the cakes and they were beautiful!  She especially did a great job with Meghan’s cake, she made a Cinderella cake in the shape of a heart.  It was a white cake with strawberry filling, yum, yum!  Mom and Bob came over the day before and helped me whip the house in shape – it truly needed it, but we had so much fun that night.  I got some chicken from Baker’s and potato salad, Susie brought some baked beans, Lori brought her taco salad, Amy and Missy brought ice cream, so we had more than enough food for everyone.  It was just great!  I finally finished the DVD for the anniversary party this week.  That had me frazzled to no end.  Our DVD writer was so old and slow, the show lasts for 57 minutes, it took 4 hours to render and burn the disk – then when there was 10 seconds left to close the disk, the computer shut itself off!  Augh!  Steve finally got a disk burned on Saturday and it worked great!  I was so jazzed.  Sunday he tried to make copies just by copying the disk, it wouldn’t work.  Monday I tried again and the DVD writer was dead in the water!  Great timing, I really NEEDED that writer.  I figured it was up to me to get another one and I’d be without for awhile.  But when I mentioned to Steve that also meant he couldn’t make CDs, welllllll…. Monday night he went to Best Buy and got a new DVD burner and a new CD drive for the computer since our other one was dying a slow death.  Imagine that!  I was so thrilled!  And they can copy a disk in record time!  So, I got copies made for all of the kids of the anniversary disk and I manged to put together a tribute program for David.  It was a year ago last week that he died, so Mom things Doris will be able to handle a show about him.  I think I did a good job.  It’s pretty good, even if I do say so myself!  I’m sure Doris will like it.   We had dinner at Meyers’ house tonight.  It was great.  Pat had fresh green beans – I never would have known it, they were so good.  She mixed balsamic vinegar and some chopped green onion to put on the beans, she says it’s a southern thing.  Maybe it is, but it was great.  I really liked it.  She had made scalloped potatoes and ham with the leftover Easter ham and had a great fruit salad. She’s a wonderful cook.  I actually met her because Alan works with Steve and when I broke my leg and ankle a few years back she made a HUGE lasagne that fed my family for almost a week, salad with homemade dressing, garlic bread, and an orange chiffon pie.  She was a godsend, truly.  Sue came over last night and watched the videos and I was going to have her help me make more mints, but I only had 1 mold of the roses, so I did them myself.  She can’t give us any money for the party because she doesn’t have any right now.  Well.  Hm.  Neither do we, but so far we’re the only one who’s spent any!  Lori and Brett bought a new camper so they don’t have any, Susie said she will give us some, and Sue said they just don’t have it.  Great.  Why is it Steve and I are the ones that always end up paying?  Hm?  I wouldn’t mind so much if somebody else would DO something, but Amy made the centerpieces and I’ve done just about everything else.  Sue did buy some paper plates, napkins, and cups – 24 of each.  We have about 60 people coming.  Sigh.  I went to Nobbies today and spent another $72 that I could ill afford to spend, but I have enough napkins, paper plates, EATING UTENSILS, and more decorations.  I bought tablecloths at the Dollar Store and I think we’re about set now.  I’ll be glad when this is over.  It’s been fun, but I really can’t wait to see Mom’s face when she sees everybody.  She’ll flip!  Meg is going to Seattle tomorrow for something to do with school.  I know she thinks I don’t listen to her, but I really do.  Sometimes she just talks so fast that not everything sticks to my Teflon brain!  LOL!  She won’t be here for Saturday, unfortunately, but this came up after she won a scholarship to go.  I hope she has fun.  I love Seattle, even though I haven’t been there is nearly 30 years! 


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