I’m Baaaaaack

I decided to try a new blog.  I had been with Blogger for 3 years, it was time for a change.  

 I thought we were going to have some really bad weather tonight, I was pretty excited about it actually, but it didn’t get too bad.  I took Missy to the hospital for a shot, she had a bad headache with the low pressure system moving in, so we were at the hospital for a couple hours.  We had some impressive lightning, but no real big storm. I heard there were tornados south of Lincoln, but we missed out.  I’m kind of glad because I wanted to go with Steve if they called the spotters out, but they didn’t get called out until after 8 and he still isn’t feeling the best because of his cold, so he didn’t go.  At least I didn’t miss anything exciting.

Anderson Cooper had an interesting topic on his 360 show tonight, polygamy.  HBO has a series on now that’s about a polygamist family (fictional, of course), so there’s some revived interest about it.  I’ve been kind of doing some reading about it myself lately.  I’ve got to say, those fundamentalist “Mormons” are a little scary.  I’m not fundamentalist bashing, I guess they have the right to worship as they please, but I don’t think they have the right to flaunt the law in the name of religion.  It seems that in a lot of “families” that child abuse is a real problem also.  I wonder if they ever stop to think that the reason they have such a hard time living the principle is because they’re wrong?  Of course, they probably look at normal run-of-the mill LDS families and think any struggles we have is because we’re wrong, so it’s a toss up, I guess.  I saw a show a couple weeks ago on A&E about polygamy, if those men are any indication of what the men in these families look like, count me out!  LOL!  I’m joking and I probably shouldn’t be making fun of them, but they were just scary to me.  I don’t know if I could ever live this principle.  I really am the jealous type, but at least I’m the first wife – at least in this relationship!  It just doesn’t seem right to me, all the hiding and lying and subterfuge that’s required to live that way, I can’t see anything that would make it worth the trouble it has to be.  I know that some time, maybe even in my lifetime we may have to live the United Order, and that alone would be hard enough to do.  I even understand why polygamy was a part of the church doctrine to begin with, but that doesn’t mean I could do it.  Just the logistics of the whole situation would be my undoing, not just the “whose night is it with the husbnd,” but the meals, the kids, the schooling, the life in general – how do they live like that?  I find it fascinating in a sick kind of way, like seeing a car accident, you don’t want to turn away, you just want to keep looking.  That’s how I feel about the whole subject, I want to keep finding out about it, but at the same time, I find it faintly repulsive.

Now, let’s get get REAL!  As in the REAL church… Chantal will be gone this Sunday, so I have to either find a teacher for the CTRs or do the class and do sharing time.  I think I’ll just do both, it’s too much trouble trying to find a teacher.  I really miss her when she’s gone, of course the fact that her kids are about 1/4 of the primary makes a difference too!  I got an e-mail from the Stake Primary President today, we’re going to be making a float for the Florence Days parade, I think that will be a blast!  The primary kids will be handing out pass along cards – the theme will be genealogy – family tree sort of stuff.  This should be fun! 

Okay, I think that’s it for now.  Nighty night 


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